What is SnapRest®?

SnapRest® is the instant solution to more comfortable driving. No modification or damage to your vehicle's door! Installs in seconds without use of tools.

Just Snap it into the door pull...

... and Rest! Immediately!

You can finally hold your steering wheel comfortably with your elbow resting on the SnapRest®!

The SnapRest® adds both height and overhang to the factory door armrest, allowing you to reach the wheel with your hand while the elbow and forearm are comfortably resting on soft padding of the SnapRest®. It is 14" long, meaning that it will support your elbow even if your seat is pushed far towards the back of the vehicle.

The SnapRest® fits in the door pull recess securely and will not fall out under any circumstances. The built-in door pull is strong, durable and provides an easy grip during normal use. You can conveniently close (even slam) your car's door. It will not dislodge or break.

Made of finest Italian leather and high density foam for comfort and durability.

Must-have accessory for unequaled comfort and looks! See for yourself:

SnapRest Movie

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SnapRest Movie

Why Want One?

  1. For your comfort

    SnapRest® provides the ideally positioned cushioning to rest your arm.
    Eliminates sore forearms and elbows caused by resting your arm on firm surfaces.

  2. For your health

    Sitting ergonomically correct reduces drivers fatigue and discomfort,
    as well as alleviates muscle and neck pain from unhealthy posture.

  3. It’s versatile – buy once, use forever!

    If you ever change cars, buy an adapter (available soon) for your new vehicle and keep enjoying the comfort provided by the SnapRest®.

Customers' Stories

Here are some quotes from customers enjoying the SnapRest®:

"The SnapRest arrived just in time for a straight, eight hour drive in my F150. Took a lot of the stress and discomfort out of the ride. My wife even noticed that my disposition was more civil, even in traffic jams. It was worth the wait. It's performing as promised, looks great too!
Thank you!

David Roche, Abingdon, MD"

From start to finish dealing with SnapRest was a pleasant experience. Shipment was timely and installation took less time than opening the shipping box. The Adobe color is an excellent color match for my 2014 King Ranch F150. Most important is the added comfort while driving after the SnapRest was installed. An extremely satisfied customer.

Larry Mead, Wheat Ranch, CO

I just received this in the mail, first thing I did was to go out and install it in the truck, very easy to install, only took a couple of seconds, Wow, did I need this! My F150 is going to be so much more comfortable to drive now.

Matt Todorovich, Hales Corners, WI

Thanks for the SnapRest! If not for this product, I would have needed to sell my new truck due to the fact that it was so uncomfortable to drive and long distance trips ended with me in pain - lumbar, neck and shoulder.

Mike Yoder, Hershey, PA

The original armrest on my 2012 Ford F-150 FX4 was too far from the seat and my arm was unable to rest and hold onto the steering wheel at the same time. The SnapRest solved this problem. It gave lift to my arm as well as provided overhang which allowed my arm to reach the steering wheel. The material and the construction of the SnapRest is top notch. The padding is soft but not too soft, I think just right.

Tim Schrum, Sinking Spring, PA

Driving with the SnapRest makes a big difference for me. Before, my arm would sit too low on the factory armrest making it uncomfortable for me to use while driving. I can even reach the wheel now with my left hand as it rest on the SnapRest, which is how I prefer to drive. It definitely has improved the comfort level of my driving!

Nyles Sakuma, Wailuku, Hawaii

The SnapRest was literally a snap to install. Super high quality and came packed very well. Best of all, what a dream to hold my left arm so comfortable! Ford should make this an option. Great product!

Ralph Ross, Youngsville, NC

This is a must have for an F150 owner. Works great thanks so much!

Charles Poston, US Army

The SnapRest is exactly what they say it is, an accessory that makes the truck much more comfortable for me. The quality is very good and it will be an elbow saver! I definitely recommend the SnapRest to anyone!

Bill Forde, Canada

The SnapRest is a great addition to a great truck. All proud F150 owners must have one. The look, feel and comfort while driving any distance can't be beat. I am no longer leaning to one side trying to find that comfortable position for my arm. Thank you SnapRest team.

Jeremy Kelly, Pooler, GA

And more customer quotes from various forums and Facebook:

"Arrived two days early from what the email with tracking first showed. Impressed with the packaging and product. Quality seems very good and nice cushion, about an inch. I drove for 30 minutes today and I actually really liked it, very comfortable. Just took some getting used to because I was in such a habit of never resting my left arm on the door. Definitely worth it so far, very impressed how it makes the drive better."

"USPS just delivered. I installed it and I love the much more upright seating angle it gives! Also, the retail packaging looks good too."

"I received mine yesterday as well. Haven't driven with it yet but after installing it and sitting in the truck I am sure it will be a big improvement."

"The packing is impressive, the materials used are high quality, the concept is great, and the armrest is comfortable."

We cannot wait to hear YOUR STORY on how the SnapRest made your drive much more enjoyable!

Order Your SnapRest®

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F-150 2009-14 Black

Soft molded outside layer with leather grain, like the doors on your truck. Available in black only.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$49.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Black Leather&Silver thread

Premium version, genuine Top grade Italian calfskin leather. Black matches dark gray and black interiors. Silver thread matches silver/aluminum parts of your interior. 

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Leather Black

All black, thread matching to leather. Toned-down and elegant.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Leather Adobe

Premium version, genuine Top grade Italian calfskin leather. Matches the 2009-14 Adobe interiors.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Leather Camel

Premium version, genuine Top grade Italian calfskin leather. Matches the 2009-10 Camel interiors.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Leather Stone

Premium version, genuine Top grade Italian calfskin leather. Matches the 2009-10 Medium Stone interiors.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

F-150 2009-14 Premium Leather Steel

Matches the 2011-14 Steel Gray interiors. Premium version, genuine Top grade Italian calfskin leather.

Free shipping - This Month ONLY!Free shipping - This Month ONLY!

$89.95 $99.95

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Point of Sale Display with 2 SnapRests

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About Us

SnapRest® was designed and developed by Redline Automotive Accessories, known throughout the automotive industry under our brand name, RedlineGoods.

RedlineGoods has been manufacturing best of breed shift boots and other interior accessories since 1999. With 15 years experience, and over 100 thousand happy customers, RedlineGoods is the #1 resource for custom interior upgrades, designed to surpass the factory designs in quality.

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This is coming from Grady, inventor of the SnapRest®:

I had just purchased a new 2013 Ford F150 Lariat and even with the new vehicle, I found that my forearm and elbow became sore after resting it on the factory armrest of the vehicle, which in even the newest vehicle provides very little cushioning. I realized also that I was leaning to my left in order to rest my arm on the vehicle armrest.

These two factors combined were causing discomfort in my lower back even after a short drive.

Not wanting to cause damage or alter in any way the interior of my new vehicle, I set out to find a way to resolve both the issue of comfort and compatibility with the current vehicle door panel configuration. SnapRest® is the result of that endeavor. Once you have used SnapRest® you will never want to drive a vehicle without it again.

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